Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yamaha low price sensation for all biker's

Yamaha SZ-R

The new Yamaha SZ-R is a 153cc fashionable commuter cycle . It is the new inclusion to the Yamaha SZ line cycles (sz and sz-x) .The new 153cc Yamaha SZ-R is a current & fantastic edition of SZ-X which is a highly effective, comfy and fashionable commuter. The muscle SZ-R is precise at commuter buyers with their sports-oriented pursuits and is developed to make the feeling of “High Speed”. The cycle comes with entry dvd braking system, tachometer and has container guard included to the gas container to make it appear even bigger. Furthermore, the cloak of the common SZ-X style is changed by an sleek spoiler that provides out strongly and is given the same gold colour as the side includes. The cycle also has apparent contact flasher, shaded manage hold end bar, displayed muffler end limits along with special design. It will be available in 3 colour choices – Excellent Dark-colored, Excellent Red and Excellent Glowing blue.

This all you get in just Rs. 53500 shocking!!!!!!!!!

Sz-R specification

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  1. Yamaha is ready tom captivate the local business by giving a small package discount with these low price bikes in India...